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Perabet , which is a very popular betting and casino site in our country, became active in 2014. It provides reliable service to its users with its constantly updated infrastructure. It has taken its place in the top 5 among illegal betting and casino sites. The fact that our site is so popular is its ambitious rates, especially in the betting section. Curacao is the country where the Betway bookmaker is located. It continues its operations in accordance with the laws of this country.

Perabet is a Registered Company and is Reliable!

The official address of the site in Curacao, the country to which it is linked; E-Commerce Park is Vredenberg. The official company name of Perabet company is the same and it has the License number 8048/JAZ2013-001. License and company inquiries of the site are open to the public. That’s why you will always have an interlocutor in front of you. Perabet infrastructure was made by Pronetgaming . Thanks to the successful and fast interface of the site, users do not have any problems with games and bets. Already the company, namely Perabet LTD. The official owner is Pronetgaming company.

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Why should you choose Perabet Betting Site?

  • 👉– Sports Welcome Bonus up to 2000 TL
  • 🤙 –  Sports Investment Bonus up to 50%
  • 💳– Safe options in bank investments
  • 💲–  500.000 TL Withdrawal Opportunity in One Time
  • ✅ –  The first and only licensed bookmaker in the world
  • 📒– Your  Membership Information is completely confidential, you will not have a headache
  • 💯–  The Most Ambitious and High odds betting options
  • 💰–   Many Payment Methods and Security
  • 🏀–  More than 400 options from basketball and tennis matches
  • 👩‍💼– 24/7 Instant Live Support
  • 💎– More than 350 Slots Games
  • ✔ –  Popular Live casino games
  • 🔐 –  Best user experience in Pronetgaming Infrastructure
  • 📺 –  Watching Derby matches for free with Perabet Tv
  • 🙏 –  Perfect and winning slot games
  • 📞– Instant Live Support for Technical Issues
  • 📲 –  Special information for VIP users from Whatsapp


You can access the current login address instantly with the Login button or the Register button on our site . Since our site is prohibited according to the laws of Turkey, the login address is constantly changing. Therefore, you should log in according to the login buttons on our site. Otherwise, you may be directed to fake sites called Pshing. Such sites take your investments and defraud them. Be sure to follow the Perabet Login addresses on .

1xBet Login site does not give Google Ads at all. Sponsored / Paid advertising links that you can see at the top are either fraudulent sites or advertisements by other betting companies to attract customers. You should definitely not trust it. Otherwise, they will defraud your money and investment. Our site is absolutely not responsible.

1xbet Current Login addresses do not go in a row. When there is an excessive concentration, it can go to a different number. As it can be seen, the current entry numbers for parabet are 766 – 767 – 768 – 769 – 770 – 771 – 772 -773 – 774 – 775 – 776 . By mid-December 2022, you can find the most up-to-date information about this ranking on our website. 

How can you learn the current address of Perabet?

The updated addresses of the site are determined instantly. For a possible attack or bad scenario, Betway reserves the right to change the current address of the site. You can follow the Perabet Current Login address of the site by clicking the banners on our site. Even if there is little possibility, sometimes there may be a problem with the input address forwarding. But this problem is eliminated in maximum 10 minutes. 

Our site has been operating uninterruptedly since 2014. With the principle that absolutely all our users follow this experience, we make quick notifications and updates from address changes.

Are There Any Problems During The Change Of Address?

Perabet is one of the sites serving in our country and described as illegal betting site. Therefore, it is not clear when the site will be blocked by the BTK. That’s why our users search for such questions in google searches. Let us quickly share the complete answer to these questions with you.

  • How Many Perabet? You wanted to login to the site instantly. Let’s say you remember the domain name you logged in the day before. That’s why some of our users want to enter the site instantly by doing searches such as ” perabet767 ” in google searches. But if it has received an access block before that, the site address will have changed. Therefore, they want to reach the current address by searching with this keyword . In such cases, you should reach our site by searching ” ” in direct google searches . Then you can enter the site quickly and securely.
  • Paybet Address Has Changed, Will My Balance Be Lost? You are making instant transactions in the game or betting section of the site. And when you change the page, that is, you want to go to a different page, the site does not open. Therefore, there is no reason to panic. You should log in by searching the ” ” site in Google searches . As a result, enter the new address and log in as a member. Your balance will stay the same where you left it. Our infrastructure does not suffer any kind of data loss. You are safe with us.
  • Perabet Current Entry 2022 – 2023  We are trying to determine the current entry addresses on our site annually. Our company determines the monthly planned entrance addresses. Unless otherwise stated, you can access the site from these login addresses. Never forget to follow the banners on our site for up -to -date login addresses!

Perabet Membership

The area where you can create the easiest membership registration among all sector sites, including legal sites, belongs to the Perabet Membership system. The membership part of the site is completely user-oriented by design. Easy interface provides quick access. Let’s list how to create a membership step by step.

  • First of all , ensure a secure login to the site via “ ”.
  • Click the “ Sign Up ” button in the upper right corner .
  • 3 Boxes are waiting for you on the screen that appears. Quickly fill in these fields.
  • In the first box, User Name (Type a profile name that you will not forget) Name-Surname (You must write it correctly. Otherwise, you may have problems in withdrawal and investment transactions.) Please write the e-mail address you use.
  • In the second box, create a unique, unpredictable password. We recommend using at least uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numbers for password difficulty. Select your currency in TRY. Then, write down your TR ID number and date of birth as day, month, year as written on the ID. 
  • In the last box, you must select the box indicating that you accept the terms of membership. 

After these steps, your membership will be complete. A verification link will be sent to your e-mail address by our site. By clicking this link, you must verify that the mail belongs to you. Perabet site strictly keeps all your information confidential according to KVKK laws and never shares it with third parties or institutions. You should choose us for  safe betting .

Financial Transactions – Information

The most important part for online casinos and betting sites is financial transactions. The reliability scores of the sites are determined here. If there are problems on the site for deposits and withdrawals, if you have heard of it, you will definitely experience it. That’s why you can trust our site’s 8-year brand history. We divide financial transactions into two groups. 

Withdrawal Transactions

Withdrawal methods can be diversified into many different schemes. In this regard, you will create an environment that will keep the progress updated according to the general order within the site. This process tries a functionality, and an environment that will enable you to reach a higher quality area awaits you. Because it is also a good site in terms of trying and advancing successful bets. The current withdrawal systems are as follows;

  • Bank transfer
  • papara
  • bitcoin
  • Astropay
  • ecopayz

For more detailed information, read our Perabet Withdrawal article.

1xBet Deposits

You will also have the chance to try out many of the schemes you aim for, thanks to the Betway deposit options. In many ways, your betting stages will remain up-to-date and you will have established a flow that is suitable for evaluation. But considering such an area, you can already find the chance to create an up-to-date process in the basic areas of site management and to catch an even more trouble-free flow. The current investment models in such an area are as follows;

  • Bank transfer
  • Astropay
  • QR Code
  • mobile bank
  • papara
  • bitcoin
  • ecopayz

For more detailed information, please read our article about Deposit MoneyBet .

Sports Betting and Live Betting

Let’s start the content information of the site with the most demanded betting part. The betting section is divided into two groups as sports and live . In the ” Sports ” section, which is in the first place in the menu of the site , there are bets on 30+ sports branches, not just football . The most preferred among them are; Football , E-Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Formula 1 races. Because when you enter every sport branch, the next matches and odds will meet you. Thus, by doing good research, you can bet with high odds. 

The other betting part of the site is called Live. Here, it is the most demanded section by completely risk-loving users. As soon as you log in , instant matches will appear in front of you. When you browse the content, the live simulation welcomes you and indicates the instant bets you can make. If you read and summarize the competition well, you can double your investment up to 100 with high odds in instant bets. In this section, the following options will appear for you to make instant bets. 

  • Can team x get a red card for the rest of the match?
  • Can team x receive a yellow card for the remainder of the match?
  • Will there be a goal in 10 minutes? Isn’t it?
  • How many minutes are overtime?
  • Who will win the rest of the match?
  • Both teams to score!

Actually, we can list more options here. But these are the most profitable betting versions. Let’s take a simple example as a gain. There is Alianza Women – CD Morocco Asdeful match in the El Salvador league. (Snapshot data has been taken. 27 November 2022 at 00:28) When you bet on the 23rd minute of the match, you can; Who will win is asked. Here, when you choose CD Morocco Asdeful (ie 2), it will give 38.51 Odds. Here you can confirm how high the odds  Perabet betting site gives.

1xbet Casino Options

It is the part of the site that has the most menus. It’s good to know; The infrastructure of most of the online casino sites you can see in our country has been made by our main company, Pronetgaming. In short, it implements more casino types on its own site.

So what awaits you at the casino? 

  • Roulette
  • slot
  • Poker
  • blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • bingo
  • Live Casino (The most popular live broadcast casino show)

Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus ™ , which are among the most preferred and known slot games in our country, were created in the infrastructure of our company and cost the whole world. Therefore, they are the best slot games in Turkey that pay the most. The luck gap here is entirely dependent on your conscious casino and gambling habit. If you have an increasing budget, our advice is to play with it. Perabet site never recommends gambling by borrowing. 

One of the other parts, the Live Casino part, is a fun and international infrastructure. Users of different casino sites from all over the world participate in the games you will play here . To put it this way, you have a man or woman presenting a passion-style game on live broadcast. Depending on the type of game and the amount of your investment, you can instantly join and spend pleasant moments. 

In the live casino section of our site , you can participate in Rule, Dice, Blackjack and Azure games with users from all over the world, at tables consisting  of real dealer girls and boys.

You can watch the matches live with Perabet TV Bet.

You have prepared a beautiful and assertive coupon. You are well prepared for everything, be it unders, overs, handicaps. Matches will start in the evening of the same day. Excitement is at its peak… So what are you going to do to watch live matches ? By logging into the Perabet TV Bet section instantly , you can follow the matches on our site for free. Or follow the match instantly from the simulation screens. There is a constantly renewed infrastructure on our site for you to follow instant and uninterrupted live matches. While preparing the coupon, the options that are ” Live ” in the competition rates section will catch your eye. Therefore, we inform you that you can watch the live broadcast of the match when you see the warning. 

Bigbet Promotions and Bonuses

Illegal betting sites give more bonuses to attract users than legal ones. Thus, almost 70% of the sites that give these bonuses are not in good faith. Therefore, it leads to loss of time, money and hope. The active bonuses of our site are renewed every month. We stand behind our promises and give our users the best experiences. You can follow the monthly updated new bonuses under this article. Let’s take a look at these bonuses together. 

December 2022 Current Bonuses and Promotions

  • 15% WEEKLY LIVE CASINO DISCOUNT – We give you 15% Cash back on your Weekly Casino losses with this bonus .
  • 100% FIRST MEMBERSHIP BONUS –  With this bonus, our new members are given a 100% bonus for their first investment!
  • 20% CEPBANK INVESTMENT BONUS  – With this bonus, you can earn 20% Bonus for your Cepbank Investments.

Daily Withdrawal Limit on Perabet Site is 500.000 TRY

It’s time to put aside all the sites you’ve ever known, invested in and earned. Perabet site defines a daily withdrawal limit of 500,000 TL for its users. You can transfer this amount to your account or crypto account during the day.